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Holidays with children at the seaside - Bulaj Łeba

From the very beginning, we try to create a family-friendly place. In addition to facilities for parents, we have put on site gadgets that we dedicated especially to the youngest guests.
See what awaits you in Bulaj and save extra space in the trunk. This is our standard – at no extra charge. Always.

  • travel cot with a set of bedding
  • high chair
  • colorful, plastic tableware: cups,
  • plates, cups, cutlery
  • washing machine and dryer for laundry
  • bath tub
  • toilet overlay
  • footrest
  • potty
  • security gates on the stairs
  • 3 bed safety rails (3 x 150 cm)
  • oven opening lock
  • plugs for electrical sockets
  • Fun zone
  • educational mat for babies
  • cartoons on DVD
  • sandbox toys
  • PlayStation4 console with 3 pads
  • children’s bikes: 12 “, 16” and 24 “
  • child bicycle seat
  • mini golf sticks and balls
  • beach volleyball ball

Bulaj Łeba child-friendly accommodation

Fun Zone, so there is no time to get bored

This is a key place when it comes to the stay of several-year-old children. The Fun Zone draws in our little ones like a black hole and almost nothing is able to snatch their attraction from the attractions we have prepared. How do we know this? From the reports of our guests. Pssst … Apparently, every 5th child did not come back …

The girls will be happy to play with dolls in the dollhouse or rock them in a pram, and when they wake up, they will eat a delicious dinner prepared in the toy kitchen from a variety of plastic vegetables.

At the table, there are chairs and drawing supplies for creative preschoolers, and the storage compartment under the floating table top contains coloring books, crayons and blank A4 sheets for creative use.

A 24-inch TV with popular cartoons on USB and DVDs for underage movie lovers is also on standby. You can also connect your own drive and watch your movies.

Nobody said that football is only for boys, so we also invite girls to play table football. And if someone wants to move into the virtual world – a PS4 console with 3 pads and a FIFA game awaits at the bottom.

Minigolf - what is it all about?

The general rules for playing mini golf are very simple: the idea is to place the ball in the hole with as few strokes as possible with a special stick (putter, used to precisely hit the ball directly into the hole in classic golf), and then move on to the next playing position. Each player has a maximum of 6 strokes for each hole.

If, after 6 tries, he fails to do so, the player receives a score of 7 and proceeds to the next playing square. The winner of the competition is the competitor with the lowest number of strokes.

The professional mini golf course consists of 18 holes. Due to the limited space, we managed to design 6 interesting sites in our estate, arranged according to the degree of difficulty. Don’t think, however, that you can cover 6 holes in just a few minutes. This game has surprised many of our guests 😉

The undeniable advantage of this form of spending time is the fact that you do not need sunny weather for it. You can play mini golf at any time of the year: in spring, summer, autumn and even winter, because the game is probably blocked only by rain and a thick layer of snow that can cover the stands.

You don’t have to worry about the equipment – we’ve got sticks and balls for the game.

Footballs vs FIFA - what will you choose?

Boys! Which of you, being a child, did not dream of a foosball table set in the basement or in the attic? Go back to the old days and play real foosball with your loved ones. No limits – you are the judge: you set the time limit and the goals scored. Emotions – guaranteed!

We describe general rules for the uninitiated and girls 😉

The table football game is intended for 2 or 4 people. The object of the game is to score as many goals as possible against your opponent with the player figures while conceding as few goals as possible on your side.

The ball is controlled by the so-called grills to which the figures of players of both teams are attached.

But what if the younger generation does not understand the sentiment of older fans of honest wooden football? We have a FIFA solution for that below …

PlayStation 4 with 3 pads

The Sony PlayStation 4 console is at your disposal all year round, armed with 3 wireless Dualshock pads and a game from the FIFA series. Everything is ready for team play and waiting only for you and the players. Sit back on the couch and feel the emotions of the football.
But if you don’t like football …

Test yourself by competing on the minds with family and friends. Knowledge is power is a quiz game for 2-6 people in which you have to show general knowledge and reflexes. Use the dedicated smartphone app to answer questions and choose to play against your opponents to make it harder for them to answer. You can easily download and install the application on site in 1 minute thanks to WiFi in the Apartment. A lot of laughter and great fun are waiting for you 🙂

Bulaj Łeba - accommodation with a playground for children

A large, fabulous playground styled on a ship will delight both small and larger discoverers. Slides, ladders, obstacle courses, sandbox and many other elements will provide children with plenty of attractions for a long time! And all this is safely within your sight from our balcony. Buckets, rakes, spatulas, molds and other “necessary” accessories for young builders are waiting in the Suite. Ahoy adventure!

Additional equipment - accommodation with children in Łeba

We want your stay to be as comfortable as possible. We tried to predict what you and your loved ones might need to make your time with us pleasant. We hope that this will relieve your trunk at least slightly 😉

If you plan to spend holidays with children by the sea, you will certainly need a beach mat. The set also includes a 7-meter long screen.

We took care of the necessary mini golf equipment and a beach volleyball ball – thanks to this, you can start the game on local pitches almost immediately after your arrival.

4 pool loungers, they will be perfect on the balcony and will make basking in the sun more pleasant.

Everyone on bikes! Bulaj Łeba is a great place for holidays with children at the seaside

For true cycling enthusiasts, sunny weather is not essential. It is enough that it will not rain and they can “mount” the two-wheeler. The vicinity of Łeba and our estate are conducive to such activities: fresh air, vast areas with little traffic and hiking trails – this makes our bikes beg to be taken for a ride. Not only cyclists will feel good with us, but also fans of walks or Nordic walking 😉

In our bicycle room you will find bikes with different wheel sizes for everyone:

  • 26 ″ with luggage rack, front basket and child seat
  • 26 ″ with luggage compartment
  • 24 ″
  • 16 ″ with luggage rack and front basket
  • 12 ″ with luggage rack, front basket and side wheels (can be unscrewed)
Hiking and biking trails in the vicinity of Łeba

3 tourist routes await fans of active recreation in the vicinity of Łeba, arranged according to the degree of difficulty – from the easiest one. You can go over them in both directions.

Click on the maps, see where the route takes you and hit the road 🙂

Hiking and biking trails:

We remind you that they are available at no additional charge. We take care of their technical condition on an ongoing basis, but sometimes it happens that, despite our best efforts, the maliciousness of the dead things can spoil the plans for a family trip. In the event of a breakdown throughout the year, there is a special service point for bicycles at the Tourist Information Center in Łeba, where you can deal with any unexpected defect. There are wrenches and various accessories useful in repair that will “heal” your two wheels and allow you to continue your journey. There are kilometers of wonderful routes in the vicinity of Łeba, so remember about drinks and something to eat 😉

Bulaj Łeba accommodation with children

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