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What to see in Łeba? Attractions

If you value peace and comfort, the Bulaj Łeba Apartment can successfully serve you as a starting point for discovering the attractions of Łeba and the beautiful Słowiński Coast. A few of the attractions are described below. You will certainly choose something for yourself

Beaches in Łeba

If you are planning a vacation by the sea, the beach must not be missing from the list of places to visit. Beaches in Łeba, due to their width (20-30 meters) and sand, are especially appreciated by tourists from Poland and abroad. Their total length is over 6 kilometers and there are 6 gentle ascents. Along the long coastline, you can find frequently visited passages as well as almost empty stretches. The guarded bathing area is approximately 1 kilometer long. There you can use the toilets, changing rooms and even rent a sunbed. Also remember that we offer 4 pool loungers at your disposal, which you can take with you to the beach 🙂

Moving dunes

Moving dunes, located in the Słowiński National Park, are its greatest value and attract tourists from all over Poland to Łeba. The largest of them – Wydma Łącka – is over 30 meters high and moves at a pace of up to 10 meters a year! It took its name from the name of the village of “Łączka”, which was buried by the sands of shifting dunes about 300 years ago.

But the Słowiński National Park is not only about dunes. There are also other interesting objects on its territory, such as:

  • The lighthouse in Czołpino – 25 meters high
  • Rocket Launcher Museum in Rąbka – located on the German training ground from World War II.
  • Rowokół Hill – (the holy mountain of Kashubia) with an observation tower and a nature path – the highest hill on the Słowiński Coast (115m)

Łebsko Lake

Łebsko is the third largest lake in Poland. It is located entirely within the area of the Słowiński National Park. In the holiday season, from the marina in Rąbka, you can go on a ship cruise and sail to the Rocket Launcher Museum and the Museum of the Slovinian Village in Kluki. The lake is also used by canoeists, and part of the area has been made available for fishing.

Stilo lighthouse

If you are not afraid of heights, you can admire the panorama from the viewing galleries of the Stilo Lighthouse, located at an altitude of 75 meters above sea level. Its light reaches a distance of 23 nautical miles (over 42 kilometers). It was built at the beginning of the 20th century, located about 10 kilometers east of Łeba, 5 kilometers from Osetnik (formerly Stilo)

Address: Morska 25, Sasino

Museum of the Slovinian Countryside

In the Museum of the Slovinian Countryside in Kluki, folklore events and meetings with cultural heritage are held. It is a real treat for fans of history and old customs.
In this authentic place, among ancient pines and oaks, you will see with your own eyes what the culture of the Slovinians looked like – the people who lived in these lands for centuries.
The open-air museum will take you to a fishing village from the beginning of the 19th century. You will be able to try local cuisine and visit former farmsteads.

Address: Kluki 27, Smołdzino

Alex's farm

Alexa Farm is the first agricultural amusement park in Poland. Farm machines that can be visited, live animals, vegetable gardens, ball golf and a cornfield maze are just a few of the attractions that come with more and more every year. The full list is available on the website. There are also delicious gastronomy and souvenir shops on site. Parking is free and all attractions are included in the ticket price.

You can ride our bikes to the Alexa farm along the great bicycle path along the provincial road No. 214 towards Wick.

Address: ul. Łebska 27, Charbrowo

Łeba Park - Dinosaur Park

Łeba Park is a 20-hectare world of fun for the whole family, great routes full of adventures and attractions, lots of great entertainment. Travel back in time to the Cretaceous Age and see 1: 1 scale dinosaurs, Neanderthal caves, castle of fear, mini zoo, 5D cinema and more! You can visit the park in about 4-6 hours.

Address: ul. Kolonijna 24, Nowęcin

Sea Park Sarbsk

Sea Park in Sarbsk is a recreational and educational park related to the subject of seas and oceans. It is the only and largest place of this type where we can see 3 species of seals swimming in the pools. The attractions of the park refer to the history and culture of Pomerania. In addition, you will find here numerous playgrounds and tasty gastronomy.

Address: ul. Foki 1, Sarbsk

Park Łeba labyrinth

For true adventurers, there is the Park Łeba Labyrinth – the largest natural labyrinth in Poland with an area of 5000 m2. Check your orientation in the field and see how long it will take you to complete the route. Skilled players do it in 20 minutes. And if you don’t have enough impressions, you will find more and bigger in the neighborhood in the Magic Garden of large-format wooden games. Yenga, pieces, air hockey, table football – all in XXL size

Address: ul. Wspólna, Łeba

Power Park Łeba

Power Park Łeba is a solid dose of adrenaline. Go-karts, rope park, off-road, paintball, shooting range. The concentration of so many attractions in one place makes whole families and groups of friends have a great time here.

Address: Nadmorska 27, Łeba

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